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Adieu to silly mistakes that could jeopardize your business. We take care of your entire project so that your focus is on making your business skyrocket.

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Our best-selling service. Be extra safe and secure your IP immediately to guarantee your design is at absolutely no risk of copy infringement.


We will help you improve on your design to make sure it works until it is a 100% validated, ready-to-go, jaw-dropping masterpiece.


As your trusted on ground manufacturing partner, MorphoMFG will act as your eyes and ears to manage your whole project from start to finish.

24k Hours Worked
70++ Crowdfunding Projects
6.5 million USD Raised

Check out some of our disruptive customers

  • HYDE Leather Bags

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    “Josh has been very helpful. Working with Chinese manufacturers is very difficult—you need someone who speaks the language, knows the culture and is on the ground. It has been great working with Josh. I am working with him on several projects. You have my recommendation.”

  • TAFT Socks

    Provo, Utah

    “I started working with MorphoMFG and within a month I had solid prototypes and had cut my costs by about 50%. Josh makes himself very available and gets everything done FAST.”

  • MIJLO - Everyday Watch

    Toronto, Canada

    “Given our previous issues like finding suppliers, good quality samples, and language barriers, Josh appeared serendipitously to offer his connections to manufacturers, commitment to quality, service and fluency in Mandarin.”

  • Rest In Pets / ThinkPack

    Auckland, New Zealand

    “Finding Josh was just the ticket, a straight talking guy that strives to take the hardship out of this process. He has now helped me out on numerous projects, personally and for my clients, always finding good pricing without skimping on quality.”

  • Lexell

    Seattle, Washington

    "The learning curve in China is as steep as they come. My company has years of experience working with China, and we still run into speed bumps. Josh's company has the experience and determination to make sure you reach your goals in China; highly recommended!"

  • Enter China

    Hong Kong & Guangzhou

    "The learning curve in China is as steep as they come. My company has years of experience working with China, and we still run into speed bumps. Josh's company has the experience and determination to make sure you reach your goals in China; highly recommended!"

  • Ring Clock

    United Kingdom / Hungary

    "While working for Ring Clock we were unable to get directly in contact with Chinese manufacturers until we asked Josh to manage it for us. During my work in Ring Clock we had problems with outsourcing some manufacturing to China but then we asked Josh to negotiated it for us. Josh help was invaluable in manufacturing parts of the our product while working with Ring Clock."

  • Original Grain

    San Diego

    “Josh and the MorphoMFG team were very helpful during our latest product development cycle. Having someone we trust working with us on the ground in China, allowed us to focus on other aspects of our business... and that is priceless.”

  • Neat Ice Kit

    New York City

    “Josh and MorphoMFG came in, they sourced and coordinated the manufacture and delivery of our parts, and made the whole process feel like we were working domestically.
    Probably the sole reason we would do business in China again.”

  • Fractal Filters

    Seattle, Washington

    “The level of intricacy involved in my [Kickstarter] product made sourcing parts a nightmare. I really don't know what I would have done if I hadn't found Josh; instead of working with ten factories I could work with Josh which allowed me to focus on what I do best, creating products.”

  • Standard Spoon

    San Diego, California

    “We came to MorphoMFG with a product that required a great deal of creativity with manufacturing solutions. Josh and his company took time to understand our priorities, and continued to bring us new solutions until we found the one that worked. Josh is a patient and determined problem solver, and an invaluable resource."”

  • GoKey

    San Francisco, California

    “MorphoMFG team managed to produce high quality samples in a record time of 2 weeks and I got to impress everybody in CES with them. Josh is also a fun person to work with. Recommended.”

  • FuelWear

    Toronto, Canada

    “Josh has been a great help for our first time production! He helped us find a very dedicated, customer oriented PCB manufacturer and sourced high quality Lithium ion batteries at a low price. Not only can he find high quality manufacturers, he actively helps us improve our design for easier production and higher quality. In addition he is very transparent with pricing, we know exactly the price breakdown of components.”

  • The Umbrella (Make it Rain)

    Melbourne, Australia

    “Continually working with Josh and the team at MorphoMFG has given me plenty of confidence that for every product we propose and through effective design processes, part optimizations for manufacture, tolerance stack ups, correct part specification and documentation, we always receive exactly what we want from the manufacturer.

    His big team and even bigger network of suppliers throughout Asia have always been able to cater to my specific needs. Since working with MorphoMFG, I have so much more time to focus on other pressing areas in my business.” ”